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Lets see, 1st Topic.


Thankyou for having this site, lets party! music please Laughing 

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This site was created out of my own love for music, even tho I am not an artist myself, I love music of all styles.... And of course I had a deep desire to create the Internets next big splash!


I hope that everyone finds this site useful, and beneficial to their music career.  My promise is that I will always keep this site a democratic as possible, within reason.  Meaning, I will never forget that it is the members that will make this site what it is.  I will always accept suggestions from members for new changes, alterations, layout and features.  I will allow, where possible, members to participate in polls/votes on Any big changes that will greatly affect any user's experience....  But keep in mind, the majority will rule!


The obvious objective is to keep the site totally free for membership, and to keep as many of the special features free or low cost as possible. - That's my promise!  I want the site to remain fun and enjoyable for everyone.  If you experience any problems from any other members, please inform me, I want to know about it.


Thanx for joining....

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Thank you so much.

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I think its great what youre doing! I love sites like these. you get to see a TON of new and interesting bands! meet alot of cool people! THANKS MAN FOR MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!

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