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11.03.2011 (3312 Days Ago)

Hello all MusicianCafe members...  We have recently installed a new blog for all members.  Go to your member profile, click the "Blog" tab above, create a blog & your blog will appear on the main page to share with everyone! - Enjoy!

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Website UpDdates
Website UpDdates
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Good Morning Cafe Members...

Just wanted to give a quick update.  Musician Cafe is still a very new site, yet growing at a very respectable rate.  With our newest advertising campaigns just now hitting the internet Today, we can expect to keep growing.  Hopefully we will be seeing many new members over the next couple of weeks.  I am confident that we are approaching our first milestone as we move forward into the futer together.

Only 2 weeks old and already more members than days we are old, I would say that's a big accomplishment, especially seeing that our advertisement is just now going active Today! - I would like to remind everyone to bring some friends, they don't have to be an Artist/Musician to Join Musician Cafe, we strongly encourage your fans to join as well.

If any members have any questions on how to navigate the site, or suggestions for features you would like to see implemented, fee free to shoot me or members 'TBrandon"  an email.  We would love to hear from you.

I look forward to a successful future for all members of Musician cafe as you promote your music and bands by uploading your MPeg Videos and MP3 Songs.  It is our goal to get each member as much expsoure as possible and to assist you with promotiing your music career, demo and other musical talent.

Hope to see you at the top, and Thank You for joining MusicianCafe.

- K.S.Yoakum

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