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Hello all MusicianCafe members...  We have recently installed a new blog for all members.  Go to your member profile, click the "Blog" tab above, create a blog & your blog will appear on the main page to share with everyone! - Enjoy!

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How to get a record deal
How to get a record deal

How to get a record deal.


Coming Soon - 10 Steps to promting your band & getting a record dea


We're planing a new page devoted to information on how to promote your band, and how to get a record deal from the major record labels!  Everyone wants to get their band heard by the major record labels, and we've collected all of the best tips to helpo you succeed at getting your band, music promoted...  the right way!

Every Musican wants to get a record deal, so we're here to help!  You can expect a whole list of great ideas on how to get your band, music heard... And you'll find it all right here at MusicianCafe!!


Check back often for more updates as we integrate this new page for our members!

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