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A word from our sponsors... hey everyone...Just to let you know. We are very intent and focused on providing all of our musicians with the best representation available online...We Will Get You Att
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How to get a record deal.   Coming Soon - 10 Steps to promting your band & getting a record dea   We're planing a new page devoted to information on how to promote your band, and how to g
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Good Morning Cafe Members... Just wanted to give a quick update.  Musician Cafe is still a very new site, yet growing at a very respectable rate.  With our newest advertising campaigns just now h
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Why would I want to go to another web site to hear your music when I am here? If someone asks me to leave this site to listen or watch or checkout something on another web site its called SPAM! I do
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Rock On Dude! - We have now added a site wide Blog for members...  Update your daily blog & tell your fans what's new with your band, Music, career goals etc.  Keep you fans informed daily &a
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